Recycling Paper Rolls With Radiant Designs

Paper rollsRecycling is an important part of life for every United States citizen. The planet can only improve upon how much a person is willing to give, and there are many ways that the average person can do their bit for society. Regularly donating unused items to charity shops, or making use of the local Freecycle network is a way of keeping things out of landfill or clogging up the sidewalks and roads with overflowing trashcans. Other ideas can stem from utilizing your own garbage to create stunning pieces of art. One such way is to recycle paper rolls with radiant designs and fun projects that the whole family can enjoy.

If you are able to impart the knowledge of living a good and sustainable life upon your children, you are securing the future generations and the earth to a lifetime of abundance. Of course, it isn’t always as rosy, but at least the information will be there at their disposal. Recycling is a large part of this, and the enjoyable projects that can be created with the whole family are in great quantities if you are able to use your imagination, or indeed allow the children to use theirs, and create some stunning patterns on the card.

Designs such as candles can be created from the cylindrical shape, and they can be used and reused for many family holiday events like Christmas and Easter. They can even be handed out as decorative gifts for friends and family alike. These imitation candles can be made easily without using too many materials, although it is necessary to cover all the surfaces with newspaper or dust sheet to prevent any spillages, especially where young children are concerned. This could get quite messy, but children and adults alike will enjoy the creation process as much as the finished article.

Paint a thin coat of your chosen color onto the toilet or kitchen roll tube. While it is still drying, craft glue should be squirted down the top so that the melting wax is simulated as the paint and glue dries out. If you have other projects to be doing, then it might be a good time to commence these, as the waiting time is at least 8 hours depending on the size of the tube. Acrylic paints are highly recommended for this project, as they are thick enough to work with the glue and seep into the cardboard to give an even coating, although a second coat might be needed in some areas.

A flame shape can be created using gold wrapping paper and attached to the top of the candle using craft glue, and then the finished project can be set on a paper plate, or coupled with other colored candles to create a display of lovely glittery candles.

You do not have to solely create candles. There are many projects that can be formed, and you only need to look around the natural world for inspiration and creativity for that wondrous idea.

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