Recycling a Baby Cradle After Use

Your baby is due to arrive, and you have already purchased all the lovely furniture that is to keep the adorable little bundle amused for many years. However, you may not think about the future, and the consequences of making an expensive purchase only to discover that in the next two years they will have outgrown the piece and you will need to purchase a new bed for them. After this has happened, you might need some advice as to what you will be doing with the furniture at a later date. You may be surprised to learn that you can easily find new homes for most of the items, but more specifically the baby cradle, as this will be the most sought after piece of equipment.

This is of course providing the bed is still incredibly durable and in good condition. It is imperative that you check to see if there are any problems that may lead to an unsafe piece of furniture may be passed on, as you would be responsible for any accidents that might occur from giving it away or selling it to an unsuspecting second person. To check the condition, you should locate all the screws, and see if they need tightening or replacing. If they do, this should not take much time to complete. Another way of checking is to shake it. This will immediately show you if the frame is suitable to take the weight of the baby, or be able to withstand moving the furniture around the room.  Over time, it is possible that the item can weaken, and again this is unsafe for new users.

Wherever possible, you can sell your item. If it is made of solid wood, has an unusual design or feature, or is still a lovely piece of furniture there are many places where you can redeem a few of your well earned dollars. Antique auctions, your local paper, internet based auctions or even online forums may be the place to recycle the bed if it is in good working order. Safety regulations apply when it comes to baby furniture, and so this needs to be taken into account.

If it is possible, you may be able to donate it elsewhere. The Salvation Army, Good Will, local church or Freecycle group or even a family friend might love to receive the gift of a new item for their young one. Many people can not afford new items, and hand me downs would be incredibly welcome in times of need.

If all of these ideas can be discarded, either due to it being unsafe or just that nobody has need for it, then you might want to look at throwing it away. Of course you could use the wood for other projects, and this will prevent the item from going into landfill, but in many cases, the safety risks outweigh another person’s need, and potentially, an old cradle is worth very little if it cannot hold the weight.

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