How to Restore an Outdoor Table

Time outside is very valuable. In the world today your lives are often hectic enough that even a five minute break is a wondrous experience. When you finally get the time to relax outside with your friends, especially on a warm and sunny day, you may find that the time you would normally have spent replacing your old garden furniture has been lost amidst mountains of paperwork and office communication. As such, your equipment has seen better days. It has been unable to withstand the sun, snow and other extremes and has broken down. With a simple repair project you will find that your furniture can be restored to the glory and comfort level of your old outdoor table.

This project is extremely cost effective, and incredibly easy. There are also very few materials you will need as those that must be purchased will not be used fully after this project, and can thus save you money for any further projects you need to undertake. Of course, there are ways that even these items can save you money. If you shop around, then you might find some good deals where the prices are reduced in some hardware stores.

To clean the furniture completely, then you may need to use a strong cleaning agent. A dish brush or a nail brush will be the easiest item to use to be rid of every speck of dirt or grime that has collected on your garden furniture. Then you will be able to rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and left to dry. This can be done in any area that is protected from the elements such as a garage. The natural grain should shine through before you are able to proceed with the project.

Furniture can not be restored unless it is clean and smooth, and as such, sanding it using a medium to hard grit paper should start the restoration. Depending on the size of the table, you might have to utilize an electric sander to remove some of the paint and even out any dents or nicks that might have occurred over time. After this, paint stripper should be used to finish the project and remove any of the other small items that are left. Again, there may be a lengthy wait before the furniture item is dry enough to be primed. Alternatively, you might need to give the wood another sanding to ensure that the grain shows through before the paint primer can be used.

Finally you are ready to choose your paint color. You might wish to paint the furniture in the same color as the old table, but at the same time you might wish to give the furniture a new lease of life with a brand new tone. Different types of paint will inevitably produce a new finish, and a final coat of clear varnish should give you a little more protection from the elements. Choosing to cover up your garden equipment should prolong the life further.

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