Bright Colors for Your Home’s Exterior

More homes today are being renovated to stand out from others on the street. People wish to increase their market value, especially in times such as these, and they will often turn to the latest seasonal colors that do not irritate any neighbors. Of course, when doing this, they are also looking to stamp their own designs and creations onto a valuable plot of land that will inevitably be theirs for many years to come. One such way of doing this is to bring a small taste of the European culture across onto your exterior walls with bright French country colors.

The white backdrop plays an important part in the French country home. The clean and crisp setting is intended to create the charm and style of the Western European country and give you a stepping stone to adding the accents that really allow the house to shine. The perfect home is inviting and welcoming, and it would appear that many people wish for this to be coupled with something exciting and new too. This can all be utilized with a few colors and some light greenery to add that finishing touch to a place you will see yourself living in years to come.

Decorating your house is extremely easy, although possibly very time consuming, and in some cases costly. Many French homes have exterior shutters, which can be purchased from any home building store. They can be found in many different colors and styles, but a nice blue one is often a must for a French country home. If you don’t have pre-made shutters, then you could create some yourself by using clear planks of wood that have been stained and then attached to hinges.

The shutter project is an aside while you are waiting for your white wall paint to dry. Should you be lucky enough to already have your house white, then you may wish to take the time to ensure that the paint is touched up and free from blemishes. You could also consider attaching siding to your home, especially Stucco, to give the house a very European feel. Two coats are needed in this exercise, and it can take at least four days to allow for both coats to dry fully. Once this is done, it will be very unlikely that a repaint is needed for at least a year.

Finally, you can return the shutters, and decorate your home with lovely accents such as flower boxes, potted plants and small hedges, especially topiaries. These are very common in France, and your home will look divine, especially if evergreens and ivy trellises are used in addition to the wild flowers and other brightly colored plants up the sidewalk. Benches are very fashionable in the garden area, and teamed up with cushions make your home extremely inviting. For that French feel, it is clear that the bright colors work exceptionally well, and you will be able to live in the lap of luxury in no time.

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